Julia Wald, Peter Max Tea, 2019, India ink white gel pen sharpie and prismacolor markers

Julia Wald

November 2019

Artist Statement

Teatotaler is a collection of work exploring art history and culture through the guise and ritual of tea. Ceramics have been used by various civilizations for their practicality as well as their ability to be decorated and made into beautiful objects. Tea in itself is an interesting subject- as it has been fought over, countries have been colonized for it, and the plants and leaves themselves have been cultivated and valued for centuries.

The almost religious ceremonial practices behind tea and tea parties extends to the decoration on porcelain teacups, plates, and bowls. As someone who loves art history and illustration I decided that I wanted to design my own ceramics albeit in two dimensional form.


About the Artist

Julia Wald is an artist and illustrator based in Seattle, Washington. She often uses india ink pens in her work, exploring line, pattern, and texture. Her subject matter ranges from cityscapes to index card monsters to comics. Recently she has embarked on an editorial illustration career and has work in publications such as The Baffler and Real Change News.

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Julia Wald, Strawberry Shortcake, 2019, India ink white gel pen sharpie and prismacolor markers