Skylar Fleming & Rich Stevens (collaboration)

fingers crossed, eggplant boners, cops (Bologna Sailor)


porcelain, acylic, resin


Dimensions: 4 x 5 x 8"


The Backstory:


In late 1993, amid the chaos and debris of the Cola Wars, the head scientist in charge of Crystal Pepsi fled to Rock Candy Mountain Washington with his wife and three children.

​Secluding themselves in a secret cave laboratory deep within the mountain, the family subsisted entirely on rock candy, crystal soup, and cave fungi. To while away the years the siblings created elaborate sculptures depicting the food of their memories.

​With the death of their parents and a dwindling cave fungi supply the siblings re-entered the world after twenty five years.​

Presented today are a selection of their sculptures produced during their isolation.

Skylar Fleming & Rich Stevens, Baloney Sailor