Rich Stevens

a dying culture shakes its fist


watercolor on paper, india ink, spray paint, photo collage, crochet thread, plexi-glass, epoxy resin, and aluminum foil on wood in hand-built shadow-box frame 


18 1/2" W x 18 1/2" L x 2.25" D


About The Church of the Highest Consumer  Series


The Church of the Highest Consumer commissioned this work through Wormhole Intervention Projection Technology. These holy artifacts will be discovered in the year 2500 to establish the sanctity of The Church.


By the year 2400, Pangea has been reassembled and renamed.  The United Global State of Panamericorp, under the watchful eye of Global Overlord-elect George Hussein Clinton LVII, is an exponentially flourishing society run by mandatory and instant hyper-voting. 


Unanimous votes have abolished sexualities, races, religions, and political affiliations due to their divisiveness.  Time, deemed too depressing, has also been abolished.   Infrequent human-to-human interactions have left most people unable to understand facial cues and displays of emotion. Because of this, Thought Manifestation Helmets have become the main mode of communication.


Rich Stevens, a dying culture shakes its fist

  • Rich's most recent work is an exploration of the nexus of religious icon art, advertising, pop culture, and psychedelia.  The hand-built shadow-box frames contain layers of plexiglass embroidered with crochet thread that separate acrylic paintings on cut paper from painted aluminum foil backgrounds coated in epoxy resin.  Through extensive use of process, his work seeks to create depth not easily conveyed in digital or two-dimensional media.


    Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, Rich McBride Stevens earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in printmaking and drawing from Birmingham-Southern College in 2001.  After college, he exhibited extensively in Birmingham, AL and later in Atlanta, GA.  Rich currently lives in Seattle, WA and can usually be found working in his home studio.