Shed Elk Antler Oyster Knife

Jeremy Buben x Robb Gray 


A few years back I wanted to get a friend who particularly liked oysters a present of an oyster knife but couldn't find one quite to my liking. Luckily I had recently met a bladesmith so I asked my new friend Robb Gray if he would be interested in making a custom oyster knife. 


Robb accepted the challenge and so we set about designing the ideal oyster knife. It had to be sturdy and refined, and most importantly made of quality materials. At a certain point I had the idea to have Robb make not just one but a small batch and see if there might be others out there that would like such a fancy oyster shucker.


Since that first batch in 2014 we have made several additional small batches and the knives have been sold to oyster aficionados around the world. 


Robb has since gone on to make a high end line of knives for Seattle outdoor company Filson as well as custom hunting knives that are truly stunning. He also enjoys engraving and has developed his own signature look emulating the patterns of Sheridan style leather carving.


This knife blade is etched with Robb's company name Graycloud.


The knife handle is made with shed elk antler, a nod to the elk that roam around Willapa Bay, where I grew up. On occassion we even use shed antlers gathered by a family friend in the Willapa Bay area.



4" blade, 7.75" overall



440c Stainless Steel blade, Shed Elk Antler, Brass pins, composite spacer.


We make these knives in small batches and the knife you receive might differ slightly from the one pictured in color or texture of antler as each knife is unique due to the natural material used.

Shed Elk Antler Oyster Knife