Meat Sweats

Mini Sweaty Meal


Includes handcut Mini Sweaty Meal box, gummy hamburger, and sticker (randomly chosen)


ONLY AVAILABLE at Opening Reception on Sat Nov 6 // 4-8pm

Meat Sweats, Mini Sweaty Meal



    ​Meat Sweats is a collective of humans, artists, and BBQ enthusiasts making the world a meatier place by serving up humor in a seemingly undersalted world. Peeling itself off a sticky bar table in 2018, Meat Sweats has benefited from the corporate identities of the late 20th century to instill nostalgia and subliminal munchie messages in unassuming passersby along Seattle’s gritty streets. 

    It's art. It's a feeling. It's a place. It's an understanding. 

    The collective aims to bring back the feeling of joy when jumping into a ball pit, before the age of realizing it's germy secrets; the wrath of the 5-alarm burger you thought you needed for dinner; the agony and regret of volunteering to flip skewered meats at a party on a blazing afternoon; and most importantly, the sheer defeat of realizing one too many bites have been consumed as beads of sweat form outside of your protein-saturated brain. 

    It’s the beet sweats. It’s the sweet sweats. It’s the meat sweats. The sweats unite us all.