Loralin Toney



china painted porcelain,copper,wood


Dimensions: 11.5" x4.5"


Artist Statement:


Tulipa Imaginarium was created in worship of the small world of the tulip and the earth  they emerge from. If anyone has watched a parrot tulip open and spread in its splendor you  might feel the same.  


I am fascinated with the 15th century Dutch master works, their golden age magnificence,  and botanical fanaticism. It was a time of discovery and suppression from culture to culture,  continent to continent. Tulips became a symbol and economic dial of the time.  


My Tulip's detailed bases are simple forest floor snapshots from my imagination. A mere  reference to Otto Marseus and Rachel Ruschs' 'Sottoboscos'. Forest floor still lifes that became  popular during that magical time of plant and animal kingdom exploration. 

Sculpted in porcelain and copper each work harkens back to the kind of craftsmanship of  times gone past and seems almost antique in its modeling. I aspire to recreate the beautiful and  terrible world that we live in, the actions and cycles of the little microclimates of nature that are all  around us. I can see shadows of our human world reflected in the turmoil of nature, prey and  predator, life and death.


  • Growing up I was a very creative child. I loved to make things, to sew, draw and paint. And as I grew, this creativity became a life focus. However, in my experience its 'just doing it' that provides the talent that folks like to say is exclusive to only a few.

    After three years of college I left to open my own studio in the Northwest. I began sculpting and showing in Olympia, Washington for many years eventually forming my business, Terroso Studio. Through this production gardenware company I began selling at local stores, farmers market and wholesale around Oregon and Washington. After ten years of heavy production work I was burned out from the repitition so I began to invent new kinds of fixtures and lamps. After 8 months of inovation and design,  I opened Luminosity Lamp Shoppe and sold terracotta light fixtures and lamps in brilliant color.

    Now years later I have downsized, moved to the country and work mostly in porcelain. Learning to china paint has been a grand recent adventure. I love the smooth texture and layered color, the tradition and history of this difficult artform.  This year I finish a new art studio and begin a new series of painted sculpted figures.