Kyle Krauskopf

The Hummingbird (Salt and Sugar Cafe)




Professionally matted and framed with 1" painted white frame and double matting.

Framed dimensions: 15.5" x 18"


Artist Statement:


We all get stuck in our ruts and routines sometimes; blinders on to new experiences, places, or adventures. In an effort to shake up my own routines, and get some art work done in the process, I created Illustrated Fare. The idea being to, once a week, patronize a restaurant or eatery I had never been to before. Some of these places were carefully researched, while others simply were what struck me as I drove by. I have always had a deep affection for food, my fourth- grade fat self can attest to this, but as I have grown so has my palette and appreciation for a well crafted flavor or dish. Its wonderful to live in a city where one could not possibly experience every meal there is to be had. I am proud to present a small smattering of dishes from local restaurants through the lens of watercolor.


Of course I also needed to give a demonstration. After several, I looked them over critically and realized they represented some fine work- unforced, loose, evocative. I began to puzzle over why I found depicting 

vegetables so liberating:

There’s something unassuming about some leaves of kale, a kind of existential humility - “we are what we are.” They’re not grandiose.

There are relatively few examples of “Great Vegetable Works from Art History”—whereas try to paint sunflowers and a whole famous field’s worth is glaring at you!

It’s hard to get to over invested in painting a vegetable compared to, say, a beautiful landscape you’re sentimental about. Since you don’t have so many hopes and expectations attached to it, you paint more freely and the results are fresh. (Mind you, careful observation is still required.)

Maybe it’s a jolie laide or underdog kind of thing -- even in the foodie world they’re usually not the star of the meal.


Or my own semi conscious interest in getting viewers to look at what isn’t conventionally considered 

“art worthy.”

And it’s not all subject matter that I get to eat afterwards…

Kyle Krauskopf, The Hummingbird (Salt and Sugar Cafe)

  • Lightning wielding, mixed media artist Kyle Krauskopf creates like other people breathe. Given to year long projects Krauskopf is currently embroiled in a daily drawing project termed Small Drawings High Hopes. The project consists of producing a six-inch-square mixed media drawing each day for the calendar year of 2019. Other projects have included Illustrated Fare- a food oriented portrait series, 365 Days of Wood- a daily wood working project revolving around a scroll saw, and The Virago Artist Collective- an international artistic collaboration highlighting influential and flat-out bad ass women throughout history. When not actively working on his craft you can find Krauskopf helping people build things such as the Flying Bike Brewery in Greenwood WA, the Kan-Kan Theatre in Indianapolis IN, and the up and coming Museum of Museums on Seattle's First Hill WA. Sometimes he takes a break to have a drink, but it has to be an “earned” one.