June Cream

School of Sardines signet


hand engraved brass


Size 4.5

Custom signets for your size can be ordered with orders being delivered in 4 weeks


June Cream, School of Sardines signet

  • Originally from sunny Southern California, June moved to Seattle in her 20's and quickly found a comfort and sense of home she never knew at the beach. With a degree in art education that has never been used, and a background in the service industry that left her feeling uninspired, June was pleased to have fallen passionately in love with the art of jewelry making and found a new career as a bench jeweler and stone setter. The intricate work she creates goes hand in hand with her love of small details and tiny things. Sound, play and wonder are elements she loves to include in everything she makes. When not working at the bench ..... (she is always at the bench), she can be found tinkering in the shed, playing with the dog, and sticking her nose in all the flowers.