Julia Wald

Barca (Capitol Hill)


India ink, colored pencil, and gouache


Please visit JuliaWald.com or DM @whereswaldart on Instagram to purchase a print for $15.




6x8" unframed


Artist Statement


I'm an illustrator and I like to document what I see. This series of drawings is a collection of memories of places I used to go to pre pandemic. Many of these places are no longer around which is why the project is titled Missed Meals they are lost opportunities and severed connections to Seattle's recent past.

Julia Wald, Barca (Capitol Hill)

  • Julia Wald is an artist and illustrator based in Seattle, Washington. She often uses india ink pens in her work, exploring line, pattern, and texture. Her subject matter ranges from cityscapes to index card monsters to comics. Recently she has embarked on an editorial illustration career and has work in publications such as The Baffler and Real Change News.