Grace Weston

Dutch Treat


Chromogenic print

edition of 15


unframed dimensions: image 15x15” on 16x16” paper


Artist Statement:


As an artist working in the genre of staged photography, I construct, light, and photograph miniature, staged vignettes in my studio. Despite the fact that I never depict actual people in my photographs, the human psyche and the contradictions of human existence are undeniably at the center of my work. Like other photographers who have staged their scenes, I am attracted to the open possibilities the “blank canvas” offers, using the camera to construct and express my narratives. The use of miniature characters, constructed sets and vivid colors allows me to play with weighty issues in a lighter way.

Grace Weston, Dutch Treat

  • Based in Portland, Oregon, Grace Weston has gained international recognition for her unique style of staged narrative photography. Her award-winning artwork has been shown in numerous exhibitions and publications, and is held in many public and private collections. Grace has also been commissioned to create work in the editorial world for magazines, book covers, CDs and posters.