Erich J. Moffitt

An End of History


acrylic on canvas


Painting is professionally framed in antiqued black wood frame with inner gilt fillet that compliments the painting and gives it an understated classic Dutch style.



21.5 x 27.5" unframed

26 x 32" framed


Artist Statement:
The painting An End of History is a meditation on life in the first world during a time of global crisis. In this piece, I make use of classical and contemporary symbolism in the still life format to capture a historical moment of sudden change. A tea party of tea parties is thrown into chaos by the sudden arrival of a rampant bull. We see by the motion of the tea sets, cupcakes, and currency sliding towards the edge of the table how delicately they were balanced. 

Erich J. Moffitt, An End of History

  • Erich's life as an artist began in his childhood, growing up as an expatriate living in the heart of Austria. He learned early on to embrace multicultural and cosmopolitan influences from either side of the Atlantic, which shaped what would become a lifelong passion for art, illustration, and design. His work fuses the rich aesthetic of imperial era European and American art with 21st century progressive humanist philosophy. Often this means re-imagining classical themes from legend and myth via contemporary subject matter, usually in a narrative style. Many of his paintings are fables, featuring totemic animal archetypes and talismanic objects.