Emily Wamsley

C.M. Sardines


Tin Collage on Board



Ready to hang on wall

DO NOT hang it direct sun light as colors on tin can fade.


Artist Statement


My sardine series has been ongoing since I started working with tin in 2017. I love the versatility of it. The artwork on real cans of sardines are colorful and fun. I take that same approach with my cans and say anything goes! Boats, fish, birds, a zeppelin! I can create any scene or scape I want and name it a sardine brand or company. 


I source my tin from antique shops, second hand stores, etsy and friends. I'm always on the lookout for a tin where the text has all the letters in S a r d i n e s! This adds to my creativity when I'm short a letter or two! A missing letter may be the reason a can of my sardines has more fish exposed than another. I have to be flexible to work with what I have. That is an aspect of tin collage I really enjoy. There's a challenge in accomplishing my idea. 

Emily Wamsley, C.M. Sardines

  • Emily Wamsley was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She moved to Seattle, Washington, in 1998, where she currently resides with her husband and teenage son. While she has always been a creative person, she didn’t start producing art regularly until her son had entered middle school in 2017.

    It was at this time that she enthusiastically discovered tin collage and  truly enjoyed the challenge of transforming the images on the tin into her own unique visions. The idea of seeing one object, but envisioning it as something completely different is what inspires her. 

    Emily does not have a formal background in art but that hasn’t stopped her from continually creating exceptional pieces which she has shown in a number of galleries, cafes and bakeries around Seattle. 

    Inspiration for her work can come from many places. Her love of nature, children, and fanciful stories help to inform it. She  always looks forward to making more art and to grow as an artist.