Carducius Ream (1837-1917 American)

Raspberries on Cabbage Leaf

late 19th Century or early 20th Century

Oil on Board


Dimensions: 11.75'' x 13'' 

Ornate Gilt Frame Dimensions:  21'' x 23''

Carducius Ream, Raspberries on Cabbage Leaf

  • Carducius Plantagenet Ream (May 8 1838, Sugar Grove, Ohio - 20 June 1917, Chicago) was an American still-life painter who specialized in fruit. 

    His typical still-lifes are wonderfully simple table-top displays of botanically correct fruit accented by dramatic lighting. Ream's use of trompe l'oeil provides further dramatic effect, giving the illusion of real fruit to be plucked off the canvas. His painting "Purple Plums" (also known as “Just Gathered”) was the first picture by a Chicago artist to be included in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. Ream exhibited at Brooklyn Art Association, of which he was a member, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Royal Academy of Art (London, England).