Angie Dixon



Sumi and Gouache on rice paper


Dimensions: 12”h x 16”w



Sumi painting came out of nature based Taoist tradition in China. Angie Dixon paints and teaches classic sumi. She aims to move it into new directions by combining the tradition with non-traditional techniques and materials.

Angie Dixon, Mussels

  • Angie Dixon’s distinctive style is a blend of traditional Asian brush and ink painting (Sumi) with her love of the Pacific Northwest.


    Angie has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Washington and did graduate art studies at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou, China.


    Asian Brush and Ink painting – also known as Sumi painting captured her attention while at the University of Washington where she studied with renowned professor George Tsutakawa who taught both sumi painting and sculpture at the time. Going to China was the next step in following this interest and she was fortunate to be part of the first group of foreigners allowed into the  school since the Cultural Revolution.


    Commercial fishing in Alaska, mountain climbing, a fascination for cave paintings and artifacts all contribute to her unique blend of mystic expression. Her recent collaboration with Richard La Londe adds sculptural glass to her repertoire. Angie has had solo exhibitions at galleries in Juneau, Alaska, Tokyo, Japan, Sarasota, Florida, and Seattle, Washington - where Angie created room installations that complimented her paintings. She illustrated the 1986 REI calendar with her sumi nature paintings. Corporate collections include American Airlines - Chicago, Illinois, McCaw Cellular - Seattle, Washington, and the University of Alaska - Anchorage, Alaska.

    Angie says "There is wonder in nature I love and want to convey in my art". The natural world and outdoor experiences which include commercial fishing in Alaska as well as hiking and mountain climbing in the Pacific Northwest provide inspiration and imagery for her work.