Missed Meals | Winter/Spring 2021

Julia Wald illustrates some of our rapidly declining neighborhood fixtures in her latest series of drawings depicting a few bygone Seattle spots near and dear to her. 


This series is being featured online and will be presented as Julia creates new drawings throughout the winter and spring. Artworks are created with India ink, colored pencils, and gouache.


If you wish to acquire a work in this series we can arrange for a viewing at the gallery by appointment.


Artist Statement

I'm an illustrator and I like to document what I see. This series of drawings is a collection of memories of places I used to go to pre pandemic. Many of these places are no longer around which is why the project is titled "Missed Meals" they are lost opportunities and severed connections to Seattle's recent past.

Affordable open edition prints of each drawing are available directly from the artist. Please visit Julia's webpage HERE if interested.

Julia Wald, Bedlam Coffee (Belltown)