Finished Canvas 2.jpg
Lester C. Pearson, Just A Bunch Of Chickens Living The Dream, 2018, Acrylic on Canvas

Lester C. Pearson
Feed Me Les, Feed Me!

September 16 -30, 2018

The FoodArt Collection is proud to present new paintings from Seattle artist Lester C. Pearson. Lester enthusiastically responded to our original Call For Art posting and is tackling depictions of food for the first time, a departure from his usual practice of portrait commissions.

Artist Statement

" I LOVE food! I eat out way too often and am part of a generation that takes pictures of their food before every meal- guilty as charged. I have always thought that I would one day paint the food I ate. For this initial showing I chose some food and drinks I really enjoy to consume and also a few that I do not like at all and I rendered them in a style I like to describe as abstract gradient. I had a lot of fun with this series and I hope you enjoy these foods as much as I enjoyed painting them. Stay tuned for future works in this evolving and hopefully never ending series!"

-Lester C. Pearson 
Visual Artist, Teacher and Mentor


About the Artist 

Lester C. Pearson was born and raised in South Seattle and went to Franklin High School and later graduated from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine with a BA in Visual Arts. Upon his return home to Seattle he has started to hone a passion for helping and teaching others with an emphasis on younger artistic and technical minded students. Lester has worked as a teaching artist and mentor for local charities Arts Corps, Students of Southwest Interagency, and MBSK (My Brother/Sister Keeper) at the Mercer Middle School. Lester also works in graphic design and photography and has apprenticed with Flyright Productions and just recently started a position at St.Therese Catholic Academy in Madrona. Lester's goal is to teach Art and Automotive Technology at an inner city school someday. You can find Lester posting with the hashtag #eachONEteach1 on a regular basis.