LEFTOVERS Vol. 2 Remnants


Amy Salowitz, Sliced, 2019, photograph

LEFTOVERS is a concept that has come about in chef and artist Zachary Pacleb's attempt to cut down on the waste that his food service company Brothers & Co. produces by recognizing certain packaging materials, vegetable scraps or other materials that can accumulate through their processes. The concept was first put to the test for Another Person's Treasure in November of 2014 at Sole Repair Shop and then again at LEFTOVERS Vol. 1: OFF MENU at Fred Wildlife Refuge and LEFTOVERS Vignette: Stacked at the FoodArt Collection.


This inquiry into the utilization of these resources that are necessary to the food system but are not consumed and are meant to be discarded is to find ways to breathe new life into these materials and create work that makes us all think about what we actually consider waste, and how we can do more with what we have. 


Curated by Zachary Pacleb & Jeremy Buben of the FoodArt Collection



Participating Artists


Brandon Aleson

Monyee Chau

Adam Makkar

Zachary Pacleb

Ariel Parrow

Amy Salowitz 

Brandon Aleson, Organic Video Study 2, 2015

In addition to the visual art on display, Zachary Pacleb commissioned local chefs to use their creativity to create small bites made from scraps and remnants of the cooking process in their own restaurants and pop-ups. 



Participating Chefs

Zachary and Seth Pacleb of Brothers & Co
Erik Jackson of Good Day Donuts
Melissa Miranda of Musang Seattle
Irbille Donia of Lahi Seattle
Johnny Fellin of Moveable Feast
Kristina Glinoga of Butchery 101
Tiffany Ran of 八八六 (BB6) Taiwanese Pop Up
David Rothstein and Alex Johnstone of Salmonberry Goods


Ariel Parrow, Apples, 2016, acrylic on canvas