Lara Wallace

Reflections of Indulgence

Sunday July 22 

Artist Statement

I, like many others, love alcohol. The complexity of the flavors, the breadth of varieties and the depth of its effects. This series is a reflection on its storied history as a mainstay of artists, creators, thinkers…


The simple staging of the still lifes serves to showcase the drink, the fullness of the body, and to highlight the moment of anticipation before the first sip. The patterns of the surrounding cloth invites the viewer to lose themselves the way they might after the first drink.

About the Artist

Lara Wallace is a small, shy woman; early years of solitude have gifted her with a expansive and active imagination. She uses light, shadow, and color to evoke emotions within the viewer and hopefully transport them somewhere else.


When she was ten years old she stumbled across Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory”. She was immediately stunned by the metaphorical depth and the level of skill evident in the rendering. She has since found herself inexorably drawn to the work of impressionist masters, to their use of colors and patterns.


Her art education and career has been a slow and sometimes chossy ascent. She had the pleasure of taking classes at the local Gage Academy of Art and learning under the guidance of the extremely skilled Master Artist Terry Furchgott.


Wallace believes art should be a tool used to project imagination; taking its viewer back to a memory of another time, or authoring a new one. To achieve this, she renders scenes taken from reality in multiple alternates and augments - saturating them with color, pulling and stretching shapes, changing depth of field… putting a filter over the every day.