As if there wasn't enough nonsense going on, here is an art show dedicated entirely to La Croix. It might be the zeitgeist-iest event you'll ever attend. Come, enjoy some La Croix cocktails, and feel a little unnerved about what passes for art these days.

85 hand painted cans were created for the show as well as a LaCroix 'Selfie' mural and hanging sign.

About the Artist:

Genevieve St Charles is a Seattle-based artist currently focused on combining the aesthetics of junk food, 1990s-era zeitgeist, and centerfold-worthy viscosity into a modern pop art style, effectively forming a disgusting mess of drippy, overindulgent goo which one viewer says makes him feel "hungry, amazed, disgusted and turned on at the same time...". 


St Charles works digitally, traditionally, big and small, and far and wide. Some of her recent projects include comic books, video game iconography, environment/background art, character design, and murals. 


Her large-scale, intensely colorful paintings can be seen at various locations in Seattle

To get a better sense of who Genevieve is, watch this video.