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Maayan Haim

Sunny Side Up


The FoodArt Collection is pleased to present Sunny Side Up, new art from Maayan Haim (aka Half_Cat_Half_Pizza).

Haim will be showing new photographs and breakfast foods cast in blocks of resin exploring the theme of American breakfast and nostalgia for foods that she did not grow up with.



My comfort foods are sunny side-up eggs and a thick slice of bread with tons of butter on it. That's what my grandparents used to make me when I was little.

For this show I tried taking these elements of home and combining them with elements I perceive as home, here, in the land I immigrated to. 

Taking inspiration from old vintage breakfast commercials and adding some whimsy I created a world of memories I own and the memories I will never own; trying to turn this place into a home. 

I invite you all to have Sunday breakfast frozen in time and create new memories.





Maayan Haim Is a Seattle based photographer and designer. Her photos are colorful and whimsical and take inspiration from vintage American ads.

Born in Israel, and influenced by artists like Cindy Sherman, most of her work is self-photography, exploring the line between real and imaginary.

INSTAGRAM:   @half_cat_half_pizza