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The FoodArt Collection is proud to present a fruit themed show of new artworks in resin coated acrylic, neon, home furnishings, and the always giftable LaCroix cans in fresh and fruit forward flavors from artist Genevieve St Charles.


Genevieve St. Charles’s art comprises a world of indulgences—especially those of a gustatory bent. Among the items in her pantry are renderings of sultry bananas, voluptuous peaches, burgers and ‘dogs glistening in their greasy, delicious succulence. Rendered on panel and drenched in slick gloss resin, these objects build on the hieroglyphic Pop Art witticisms of Warhol, but are injected with a zest of jovial decadence—channeling the funny, fruity faces of Arcimboldo, interlacing impeccable craftsmanship with innuendo and Rabelaisian humor. 


For her newest solo exhibition FROOT, St. Charles (aka Goldsuit) has ventured from fine art to functional with a foray into furniture design. As with her paintings, the pieces ooze erotic undertones, like the series of emoji-inspired Peach Slice coffee tables and bedside stands. Other new works push scale and materials, like a four-foot banana “dripping” with juicy, glowing neon. 

This display of decadence is perhaps at its highest pitch in St. Charles’ iconic LaCroix paintings. Rendered with hyperrealistic precision and engraved with laugh-out-loud (or painfully self-aware) pithy flavors (“Homeless Bitcoin Millionaire,” “Deleted Tinder,” “Millennial Avocado Toast Housing Crisis”), they’re the contemporary equivalent of Dutch still lifes and their darker cousins vanitas paintings, with snuffed candles and skulls lurking in the shadow of decayed fruit. As the mascot of a generation that’s traded the American Dream for bite-size pleasures—mortgages for eight packs—they’re the ultimate icon of collective disillusionment bordering on nihilism. As such, they make impeccable gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

-Amanda Manitach


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