I'll Never Have That Recipe Again
Jane Richlovsky
Summer 2020
Going Dutch II
Group Show
Spring & Summer 2020
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Open Bar
Group Show
Fall 2020
One Track Mind
Kimberly Hinnenkamp
Date TBA
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Out On A Ledge
Selections from the Permanent Collection
Spring 2020
Crystalline Picnic
The Rock Candy Mountain Siblings
Dec 2019- Feb 2020
Tea Dance
Jordan Christianson
November 2019
Julia Wald
November 2019
Group Art Show
October 2019
Amanda Barr
September 2019
Illustrated Fare
Kyle Krauskopf
September 2019
discrete fruits and vegetables
Suze Woolf
July 2019
Good Fortune
John Rizzotto
June 2019
Going Dutch
Tulipieres & Dutch themed art from 7 local artists
May 2019
Northwest Wild and Fresh
Angie Dixon
April 2019
Weird & Awesome
with Emmett Montgomery
April 7, 2019
LEFTOVERS Vol. 2 Remnants
VERA Project
March 2019
Requiem for Burgerland
Rich Stevens
February 2019
FROOT by Goldsuit
Genevieve St Charles
December 2018
Oh Oysters!
Joan Stuart Ross & Rachel Maxi
October 2018
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