Amanda Michele Dellinger


James Caudle


Double Nasty

Opening Thursday July 12


Kaukau is a Hawaiian pidgin slang word meaning "food" or "to eat".

The FoodArt Collection presents KAUKAU- a Hawaiian themed show with Double Nasty. The artist duo of Double Nasty, consisting of Amanda Michele Dellinger & James Caudle, are back in town for the month of July after relocating to Hawaii and will be presenting artwork inspired by their new home and food of the islands. 


Part of the July Capitol Hill Art Walk

Artist Statement

James Caudle and Amanda Michele Dellinger aka Double Nasty is a creative couple married to promoting the local art scene, building bridges between communities, presenting artwork in alternative spaces, and each other. They temporarily moved to Kahakuloa Village in Maui, Hawai’i last December to assist Amanda’s great Uncle Bruce Turnbull with the development of his land, sculpture garden, and art museum. Upon their arrival he introduced them to Chico, a Hawaiian man whose family has lived in the village for many generations. Chico owns Braddah Chic’s, a food truck permanently parked in a pull out at the bottom of Uncle’s driveway overlooking Kahakuloa Bay, and commissioned Double Nasty to revitalize his signage. They began with a large centerpiece and followed up with two name signs, featuring native plants, fruits, Hawaiian myth, and tribal design. The signage, which turned out to be more like fine art than graphic design for advertising purposes, inspired an idea to produce more food themed artworks to display on the food truck and sell to tourists.

The long wet winter delayed the food truck display but not the production, which is why Double Nasty is thrilled with the opportunity to present the first offspring of this new body of work at FoodArt Collection in Seattle. From here it will continue to grow and be featured in Hawaii, where Double Nasty plans to return and stay for the next couple of years.

Amanda Michele’s paintings of Hawaiian food and drinks blend a vintage advertisement style with contemporary slogans often found emblazoned on tourist swag all over the islands. As her grasp on the Hawaiian language and Pidgin phrases strengthen the text will move away from English to create a foothold for the visiting viewer to learn key social phrases. Amanda’s love for grinds, da ‘aina, the Hawaiian language, and to kokua are combined and celebrated here in this series. 

While combing the bays and coves of Kahakuloa, James’ inspiration for food themed artworks came to him in the form of a small, surf tossed, float that he said, “to all the world looked like egg musubi.” Combining the collected flotsam with the distilled light of Maui happened naturally for James. “The ever changing play of the light on the hills, the tropical forest, and the bay demands my translation even in simple hues. Abstracting these scenes began with the early dawn's climbing separation of sea and sky and grew to encompass the foods nearby.”


About the Artists:

Amanda Michele Dellinger is an artist, arts administrator, and arts enabler creating opportunities for artists everywhere. Her experience includes twelve years of administrative work in for profit and non-profit art institutions and six years of independent curating regionally. She is well known, and recognized for her arts and community advocacy in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. Recently, Amanda is a volunteer at Maui Arts and Cultural Center, and has graciously accepted a seat on the board of directors for Art Maui, an annual exhibition of juried artworks by Maui County artists. Her life pursuit is to create opportunities for artists and art lovers through connectivity, and education, and to engage communities in non-traditional ways.

James Caudle aka Caudled Milk, has been active in the Seattle arts scene for over 16 years. He worked at the Northwest Woodworkers Gallery for 10 years and was a member of La Familia Gallery, Core Gallery, United Artists of Georgetown, and co-chair of the Georgetown Community Council. His collage art has been exhibited worldwide at various venues and events including Aqua Art Miami and Art Monaco's Salon d’Art Contemporain. He co-curated a special collage issue of Panhandler Magazine in 2011, and enjoys regularly designing posters for local community organizations. James recently accepted a management position at Karen Lei’s Gallery in Kahakuloa Village and Kaanapali Shores.

Together Double Nasty created and sustained Spectrecal: a eerie display of experimental art in conjunction with the Georgetown Haunted History Tour for three years, Heart of the Attack- a guided walking tour of Art Attack for four years, launched Cross Pollinate in 2011 which is still produced and enjoyed annually in conjunction with the Georgetown Garden Walk, and are to this day honorary members of the Georgetown Community Council, Georgetown Merchants Association, and Friends of Georgetown History. Their unforeseen move to Maui in 2017 was consummated by James’ acceptance to manage Karen Lei’s Gallery. While they continues to assist their Uncle Bruce Turnbull with the development of his land, sculpture garden, and museum they are also launching KAUKAU a pop-up food art display on Braddah Chic’s food truck.


Double Nasty now considers themselves Seattle and Maui-based artists and are looking forward to spending a considerable amount of time in both places while continuing to nourish old connections and making new ones.

To learn more about the work of Double Nasty, both in Seattle and in Hawaii please check out their website at www.DoubleNasty.com