Zeppelin Sardines.jpg

Canned | Nov 2021- May 2021

A group art show celebrating the sardine and other canned culinary delights.


When Emily Wamsley came to us with a recently completed stock of tin collaged sardines we decided to host a group art show dedicated to this oily hors d'oeuvre.

Over the course of the fall and early winter we will be adding to the Sardine Salon as new artworks arrive. The artworks on display are available for purchase and take-away whenever you'd like and we hope to keep the salon stocked with new and interesting artworks for you throughout the course of this show. 

Participating Artists

Emily Wamsley

Brandon Vosika

Terry Siebert

Angie Dixon

Ann Duffy

Eliza Brown

Michael Doyle

K.D. Schill

Rich Stevens

Barbara Knuth

June Cream