Do you make Food Art?

We are currently seeking submissions for our ongoing Salon series.

Proposals for shows and/or submissions of work can be accepted at any time.

For FULL DETAILS on the Salon series look HERE.


What we are looking for:

Artwork that explores the theme of food, either depicting it or alluding to it. We also love art that deals with food culture, food history, or the future of food.

For 2-D works artwork must be framed or on panel and be able to be easily wall mounted. 

What is Food Art?

Take a look at some of our previous shows or our Instagram to get a better idea.

Who you are:

A serious artist with

-a website

-an artist bio

-a diverse portfolio of work

How to submit your work:

Send us an email to with high quality image(s) of your food-themed artwork

(jpegs at 1500 pixels wide, please). 


please include:


  • your name and link to your website

  • examples of your work (limit 20 please)

  • a short statement about the work such as why and how you made it, or what inspired it

  • a proposal for a food-themed art show, group show, or guest curated show


*Please note that not all submitted work will be accepted due to space or quality requirements.