Beyond Pork
Katlyn Hubner


A show of paintings that venture into new territory for Hubner beyond the purely figurative. The artworks depict models holding, posing with, and wrapped in raw cuts of pork. All paintings were created from reference photographs with live models and all meat used in the reference shoots was cooked and eaten by the artist. 

Taking inspiration from artists Francis Bacon and Jenny Saville, Hubner combines their own signature style of cool hues and expressive poses with surreal adornment of meat. Hubner's paintings are not meant to shock or offend but rather create empathy for and with our relationship to meat.



Katlyn Hubner (They/Them) is a visual artist primarily creating paintings. Their work also expands into some photography and motion work as well.

Kat was born and raised in Baltimore and is currently living in Seattle. Kat's creative endeavors first began as an art model traveling across North America and working with hundreds of artists of different mediums and from this they have developed a profound appreciation for the human form, a major staple in their work. 

Kat has exhibited in various galleries around Washington, Florida, and New York. 


Instagram: @katlynart

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